RIVAL, as a company specialising in mechanical processing for third parties, was already a dynamic and professional company in the '70s. Over the past few decades, the company has grown into an industrial group of outstanding excellence, growing in the field of productivity, know-how, organization and structure in line with the processes supervised by a rigorous Quality System. The ability to offer machining, solutions and technical support for all the main production sectors has enabled RIVAL to establish itself as a leading Group in the field of construction and mechanical machining of medium and large parts.
RIVAL, in a unique and coherent organizational context, has developed, through Group companies, functional and complementary departments and activities to the machining, construction and mechanical assembly. Riva Bruno carries out welding and assembly work on carpentry, while Riva Steel specialises in sheet metal cutting and bending. RIVAL is therefore able to manage a "turnkey" production chain, obtaining maximum results in terms of efficiency and competitiveness, even for the most complex technical requirements and expectations.


RIVAL firmly believes in the continuous planning and implementation of investments aimed at the Group's structural and technological growth. In 2018 the new expansion of the Carugate plant was inaugurated; a modern construction of about 3,400 square meters, with an area totally dedicated to mechanical assembly and a department where the new MECOF POWERMILL Milling Machine has been placed, with an X axis travel of 32,000 mm and birotative head.