Mechanical machining division

Mechanical machining division Experience, training and a specialised machine park at the service of milling and precision mechanical boring for single or medium and large

Assembly Division

The group has highly qualified personnel and innovative equipment, which allow RIVAL and its partners to operate on complex systems of any size and to perform precision a

Sheet metal cutting and bending division

Grazie ad un impianto Soitaab di taglio al plasma, un grande sistema ad ossitaglio ed uno di taglio ad acqua è possibile lavorare e tagliare qualsiasi tipo di materiale e

Technical Office

Competence, technological research and the use of advanced integrated software systems allow our Technical Office to always guarantee innovative solutions, even in the co

Electro-welded carpentry division

In the field of medium-heavy electrically welded carpentry construction, Riva Bruno is able to make different types of structures according to customer’s specificat

Sandblasting and painting division

The Group is able to satisfy all the needs of the customer as the sole player. Riva Steel has a painting and sandblasting department able to offer a complete and high-qua

Measurements & Dimensional Tests

A large temperature controlled metrological room is totally dedicated to precision dimensional tests, both for large and small parts. High know-how and latest generation

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